Subsequent Street

The 'Subsequent Streets' series is a photographic - mixed media series of old or neglected streets in Cape Town, South Africa. These streets have been through a rough political history, either been in or near the infamous district 6 area. The works shed an alternative light on the less than perfect conditions, showing that although they may have had a history of amiable moments followed by an unpleasant past there is something holding on to that history and through the current visual disarray there is a sign of progress that the society leaves it’s mark  showing us that history is written and change is inevitable.

The use of 'joiners' or a montage of images lined up in a row capture a section of a street, this execution gives the works a visual appeal that the street continues beyond and so does the past and future. The style of the weathered and decayed film reflects the history and conditions of the streets, tarnished yet present and nostalgic.

EDITIONS: 10 Prints & 1 Artist Proof
MEDIUM: Giclee Prints, Fome-Cor, Acrylic embellishment
ART WORK SIZES: about 110cm x 25cm (3cm deep)
FRAME SIZE: 135 x 52 x 5cm
Alfred Street
Addison Street
'Pope Street' 
'Balfour Street'
'Page Street'

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