Idle Quarters - Fort Burgoyne

Near Dover Castle, UK.

Some places are just forgotten, but their stories are etched in the walls, they sit there quietly growing old trying to hold onto a bygone era. All they see its the shifting light through gaps of a shuttered windows, lighting up what beauty they hold onto. As you are invited in you could be mesmerized by the detail surrounding you, it creates an atmosphere that is hard to replicate.
These are representations of my photographic relief dioramas I make. I create these diorama artworks to capture the room in a way that portrays their atmosphere,  creating a story and a scenes of presence.
Fort Burgoyne - Think Room
7 editions & 1 AP
38 x 102 cm
Fort Burgoyne - Back Room
7 editions & 1 AP
38 x 95 cm
Fort Burgoyne - Blue Corridor
7 editions & 1 AP
38 x 85 cm
Fort Burgoyne - Bunker Remains
7 editions & 1 AP
38 x 85 cm

Built in the 1860's, Fort Burgoyne is a Palmerston fort that sits on top of hills overlooking the town, port and castle of Dover. After the First World War Fort Burgoyne was used as a military depot or store for Connaught Barracks. Largely disused since the Second World War the Land Trust took ownership of the Fort in 2014 with the goal of conserving and finding a sustainable use for the Scheduled Ancient Monument which covers 10 hectares of land 

The Land Trust is a national charity who’s vision is to improve the quality of people’s lives by creating sustainable, high quality green spaces that deliver environmental, social and economic benefits. 

I was fortunate enough to get permission to go in and capture it before major repairs started. Recording a bit of history in an amazing place. These are just a few images of so many I took, you can spend the whole day getting lost in there.  

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