Sometimes, just sometimes you stumble on a street that has its own life. An organic-like growth of creative media. Paint, poster, sticker, marker ...a myriad of creative messages layer after layer, day after day, it is forever changing, it is always talking.
33a - (London)

Fantasma - (London)

Freakshake - (London)

Mistress May - (London)

This Is The Spot - (London)

***Painted Street - (Barcelona)

October Medicine - (Hong Kong)

My technique-
I love strolling urban spaces and stumbling on a section of street that full of character, I kind of know that I'm in the right area but I never know what to expect. When I find a place that speaks to me I would pace up and down study the place as a whole and then look at the details. I often get weird looks from passers-by or even people in the buildings, they probably think I'm mad or trying to steal something. What I'm really doing is soaking in the street and the facade of the building. I imagine a section of the street as a storyline that I can read as I walk buy, I then deconstruct this scene into what I call panels. Each panel been its own photography, this lets me create my narrative.

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