Photomontage Series
My photomontage series is an ongoing project. I started it from the idea that I wanted to shoot a scene and be able to exclude or include certain elements within my own final composition.  Separate images are taken from different vantage points and in different ways, these pictures are then placed together in a montage creating a unique representation of the scene with new dimensions, angles and moments in time.  None of the images ever line up perfectly, and they not supposed to. They simply rely on "Gestalt effect" our mind to group and correct.

I want someone to admire the scene and envisage themselves there. Look at the work as a whole and also look at the panels individually as they move onwards, as if taking a few steps forward while noticing the simple details in each panel. The art work creates feelings of presence, movement and time
Additional Information
ARTIST: Sandy McLea
COLLECTION: 23 Artworks
EDITIONS: 30 Prints
MEDIUM: Giclee Print
Artworks are sold Print & Frame or Print only.
If you require more info on purchasing artworks, email me at
Kalk Bay Musicians
Framed Example
Long Beach Boardwalk
Kalk Bay Fisherman
Long Beach Surfer
Framed Example
Fish Hoek Fishermen
Fish Hoek Trekking
Roman Rock
Kalk Bay Musicians
Kalk Bay Boats
Kalk Bay Harbour
Muizenberg Bench
Abandoned Beach
Cape Point Shipwreck
Fisherman Blues
Swartberg Hut
The Calm Before
Karoo Windmill
Plane Veld #1
Wagon Resting
Sun Gazing
Enduring Disparity
Muizenberg Huts

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